Celebrated humorist and short-story writer M.A.C. Farrant’s new non-fiction work comprises ninety-three puzzle pieces that mimic the actual practice of assembling a jigsaw puzzle. By turns whimsical, insightful, meditative, funny, and factual, the “pieces” of Jigsaw touch on themes readers of the celebrated humorist and fiction writer M.A C. Farrant have encountered before: existence, love, joy, science, history, aging, roads, and Buddhism – and our seemingly universal love of jigsaw puzzles

Once again, the author of the bestselling memoir One Good Thing and of the literary miniatures The World Afloat, The Days, and The Great Happiness writes against the prevailing zeitgeist of doom, accessing its flip side via humour and curiosity. Jigsaw is a much-needed mental respite that offers playful, rejuvenating potential answers to the dreaded question, How in the world are we going to get through these fearful times?