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Liz Hydesmith
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Hi, I am reading Metis author, Michelle Porter’s, “A Grandmother Begins the Story” right now. Upon recommendation, I bought this intriguingly and elaborately crafted book in a downtown Charlottetown bookstore last month while on a roadtrip. It is a really fabulously woven book of conversations and thoughts passing between wonderful human, non-human, and spirit-world characters as they encounter their challenges and face their realities. It seems to be taking me on somewhat of a mental roadtrip too. I, too, would recommend you read this story!
I look forward to seeing Michelle present as part of Thin Air at St. John’s college at the University of Manitoba on Wednesday, October 11th at 11:30 am with Matthew Tétreault. You can also catch them the day before at the Millennium Library in the afternoon, or Kilter Brewery in the evening.