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Timothy Heppner is a frustrated ghostwriter struggling to make ends meet in Edenfeld, a small Mennonite community bulldozing its way towards modernity. A member of the Preservation Society but desperate to keep his job with the mayor’s Parks and “Wreck” department, Timothy finds himself in an awkward position when he is hired to write an updated version of the town’s history book. Fuelled by two warring loyalties, the threat of personal bankruptcy, and a good deal of fried bologna, Timothy must find his own voice to tell the one story that could make—or break—him.

Honest and laugh-out-loud funny, Once Removed explores the real cost of progress in this new Canadian classic.

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  • Andrew Unger

    Andrew Unger is best known as the author and founder of the satire website The Daily Bonnet. He is a writer, public speaker, and educator from southern Manitoba.