I’d rather have a transorbital lobotomy / Than a transnational economy.

In his new book of poetry, Colin Smith‘s droll humour and meticulous control of language are metered out to explore the stakes of pain and the pain of folly. Language plays throughout the text, bringing a blithe tone to dark matters, and evoking fruitful tensions for the reader. Scattered topics of climate change, labour disputes, war, and massive inequities within cities are encountered by a voice that seems to scorn humanity as much as it delights in human language. Permanent Carnival Time is laugh-out-loud language poetry.

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ARP Books, 2021

About the Writer/s

  • Colin Smith

    Colin Smith is the author of three previous full-length collections as well as one chapbook. He lives in Treaty 1 Winnipeg, occupied Anishinaabe akiing, traditional Métis Homeland.