In the mid-1870s, Daniel McCormack, a street urchin in New York’s dangerous Five Points district, attracts the attention of a criminal gang with his astounding hand-eye co-ordination. Elsewhere, Lincoln Henry, a Tennessee-born child of ex-slaves, turns heads with his gift for geometry and mathematics, and Lily Mandeville, an orphan working with a traveling circus, discovers her talent for talking with dogs.

Daniel’s gang and Lily’s circus travel to greener pastures in the west, while Lincoln becomes an apprentice to a steam-engine mechanic. In the boomtown of Deadwood, in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory, they’ll unite to oppose a power-mad mining baron.

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  • Bob Armstrong

    Bob Armstrong’s work includes his 2021 western, Prodigies, a comic novel, Dadolescence, a dozen plays, short fiction, CNF, and paid gigs as a speech and report writer.