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Monia Mazigh
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Monia Mazigh is an academic, award-winning Canadian author and human rights activist. She writes in French and English and has authored a memoir, three novels and an essay.
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Monia Mazigh is an academic, award-winning Canadian author and human rights activist. She writes in French and English and authored so far, a memoir, three novels celebrated by the critique and an essay.

Her latest novel, Farida won the Ottawa Book Award for French fiction.

Monia Mazigh is an Adjunct and research Professor at Carleton University at the Department of English and Literature.

Her new memoir, My personal journey with a “Scar…f”, an essay/memoir about gendered islamophobia, has been published in June 2023.

Monia is a literary columnist with ONFr+. She published several articles with the Ottawa Citizen, the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star and other newspapers.

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One thousand and One Night. We had this book in our home library, and I started reading it in Arabic when I was thirteen. I spent several summer mornings laying down on the couch eating cookies and turning the pages of this fascinating old book. It was filled with fantastic stories of adventures, travel to exotic places but also full of erotic stories happening in royal palaces between women and men who were supposed to “guard them”. It was a new world for me, and I felt somehow embarrassed knowing all these things without the knowledge of my parents.

“Let the confusion begin, no one can stop it, no one can escape, and some look for ways to take advantage of it.” Amin Maalouf, Samarkan.

I am both. I have days when my desk become full of books, documents and magazines. It doesn’t take long until I clean everything and enjoy a clean and organized desk. I mostly enjoy a cleaned desk but can’t be always perfect. Chaos is part of organization…

Sometimes personal issues. Sometimes writing deadlines or ideas about stories I want to write. Sometimes just random thoughts wandering in my brain that I try in, vain, to catch or make them disappear…

I would like to continue writing as long I have the physical and mental capacities to do so.

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