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    • Thin Air FestivalThin Air Festival
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      A lounge to discuss love, romance, heartbreak…

    • Alina MooreAlina M
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      Have you read or are you looking forward to reading any of the books listed in What’s Love Got To Do With It? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

      Your comment will also enter you into a GIVEAWAY to be randomly selected to win a FREE BOOK featured in this lounge. Good luck 🙂

      • Wendy BarkerWendy Barker
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        I have not read any of them but I am intending to read The Strangers and We, Jane definitely. If anyone else want to persuade me of any of the others I am open.

    • Charlene DiehlCharlene Diehl
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      If you’re interested in kind of a sassy-but-tender take on heartbreak & growth, I recommend Haley McGee’s The Ex-Boyfriends Yard Sale. It’s a one-person play, but it reads almost more like a personal journal. Very quick, very honest, often very funny. You can get a good sense of it from Haley’s videos.

    • Genni GunnGenni Gunn
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      I thought I’d jump in here and mention Permanent Tourists which features a lot of women, struggling with a lot of bad boys (who are a lot of fun at parties, but not so good as partners). As one character reflects on her father’s advice: “Men, he told her, are not feral dogs to be tamed. Go for one that’s already tame.” But she has always loved the wild ones, their unpredictability, their mood swings. They are unfulfilled promises, hope. Tame men are like domesticated dogs, panting, curled at one’s feet, desperate for fleeting shows of affection. No, the wild boys, the bad boys are untamable and that makes them exotic and desirable. Dean is simply the latest in a long line of dingoes.”

Viewing 3 reply threads
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